About our Company

Purchased in 1979 by Lou Moreau, A & B Distributors began as a 7-employee family business selling Anheuser-Busch products to 7 counties out of a single location in Okmulgee, OK.

Lou had a vision; “We should strive to be the best overall vendor, not just the best beer vendor.”

This motto resonates throughout the entire organization as its driving force for growing relationships, sales & execution.

Today, the company distributes a wide range of beer, wine, liquor and non-alcoholic products throughout all 77 counties in Oklahoma and 16 counties in Arkansas through its associated companies A&B Distributors of Arkansas, Inc., A&B Beverage, and Specialty Brands with locations in Muskogee and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Lowell, Arkansas.

The company owes its continued growth to the more than 200 employees that strive to achieve unmatched professionalism and performance in all aspects of the business.

The family legacy continues with Lou’s twin sons Justin and Jason Moreau leading the teams through strategic planning, innovation and growth.

Our Mission

To distribute superior beverages at the highest level of customer satisfaction while focusing on profitable sales growth.

The Best Vendor in the Market

The entire organization is devoted to the belief that quality service is what drives sales in the beverage industry. Top level execution and relationship building are the fundamentals of the company and are spread throughout every facet of the organization. The reason we continue to grow each and every year is due to the performance of our employees that strive to achieve greatness and the trust of our supplier partners and retailers.